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Intuitive drawing - My inner self

I love to let my spirit speak. I love helping people to connect with their higher selves through drawings and music. This painting is a reminder of who I am and my purpose in this world. :):)
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Portrait of my creative spirit

It has been a long time since I actually painted something figurative :) Everytime I paint it will always bring up something from the very deep from my consciousness. I can see after many years, how much I have changed. The fact that now I can paint in so many colors, and that my themes are less dramatic makes me feel very happy :D
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My Retro life #2

So, this weekend I celebrated my birthday with my dancing friends Vit and Evgeny, and we just had an amazing party! Many of my friends dont know how is my night life when I say I am going to dance every night. But last sunday, they experienced it fully. I was so happy to see them doing the twist with Chubby Checker in their 50's outfit.  This just inspired me so much. I decided to make Vit and Evgeny an illustration as a birthday present. This one is Vítek, now Im going to start working on Evgenini :)

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Mama Bear's Workshop

I recently made a logo for my friend Angie, a very gifted person. She is modern shaman :) She helps people understand better what is clogging their lives, she helps people to heal through her medicine drums, she is just awsome :) Link to her facebook page here

I love to work for such beautiful projects like this. Thank you Angie!! :)

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Very flat

This is a part of some project Im developing for Havas Prague, in which I ended up adding a flat illustration of one of my favorite Japanese artists Yayoi Kusama. So this is my homage to her :) I wonder who will notice this little detail when they see the whole visual :)

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No pink no blue logo (alternative)

I love doing things for kids! From now on I only one to do cute things with shinny colors! :)

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The wise words of my boss

Don’t be scared… Let you talent guide you 
and it will be just perfect
:D (Dejan Steijberger)

These were the kind and wise words of my boss this morning when I told him that I was afraid of not knowing how to do some sketches. Awesome! How many times we need to hear supportive words from our bosses or employers. But, actually! How many times do we actually pay attention to these kinds of messages! 
Be aware people, nice things are out there for you, you just need to listen carefully.

Have an awesome day! :)
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Citizens Pact For European Democracy (LOGO CONTEST)

I was encouraged by my friend Monica Marquez to participate in a contest an NGO logo. I found myself in the busiest time of the year, traveling between Prague and Berlin to develop one of the biggest campaigns for O2 and also developing more of Dr. Parek. So, at the time I couldnt see all I was going to achieve, but now I can tell you, Im a rock star! :) I endend up winning the logo contest, doing a great job in Berlin, winning a couple more advertising awards, and still manage to spend time with my awsome boyfriend and my dancing. 

Guys, if anybody reads me out there, Im writing this because sometimes, we get into a workoholic mode and rarely we stop to see what we have done and enjoy and share our small or big success :) so look back and congratulate yourself for all the things you have achieve! :)



So, last year 2013, I had the oportunity to work with 2 great men, Director Jesse Baldwin and the lord of the bunket Patrik Velek. They made a funny music video about some women being abducted by an extraterrestrial pop band (czech band Portless).  So my contribution to this music video can be seen in the video below for about fraction of a second. I made the graphics on the spaceship screen :) And I also made a beautiful futuristic logo for the band.

I also ended up doing some bad-ass graphics trying to find out how to make graphics that may look like a slit scan technique used by Stanley Kubrick for the movie 2001: A space oddysey back in the late 60s. You can see was I ended up doing in illustrator here:

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A good friend of mine is the owner of a very succesful restaurant in Prague, called Las Adelitas. Some time ago, they wanted to make a very specific restaurant where they would sell only tacos. That didnt happen, because they decided to expand and make their restaurant stronger. Very wise decision.

Their idea inspired me to do something mexican mixed with the czech language. I was imaging how would the czech culture will feel if it would be like the mexican or indian. Full of colors and textures :)
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Dr. Párek

This was a wonderful project, I hope it will be a regular project soon. I have a good friend, Adam, who hires me from time to time to do what I like, isn´t it awsome? He came with this idea to make a little leaflet for kids for the brand Aeskulab in Czech Republic. It was hard at the beginning because I had no idea what to do, so I thought, maybe if I start looking around on the things I love, I may find an answer, and so... I thought about my dog, yes a very peculiar dachshund or as we say in mexico... a sausage dog. And so, it was born Dr. Párek (Párek in czech means sausage, and actually parek was the dog of my boyfriend´s ex who named him :P - la vida da muchas vueltas - )

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El domador de palabras ( Words Tamer )

I just started to collaborate with the wonderful mexican writer María Mendoza.
Her tales are definitely full of magic and beautiful life lessons :)
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Cheesy Jim Morrison

I found this today. Among 1300 pictures in my mobile phone.
I made this for my bday party last year :) the theme was Rock Stars so I decided to cook ad hoc as well. This was one of the favorites, my Jim Morrison made out of gruyére cheese :)
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A sexy birthday card

Thanks to my collegue Natalie for letting me practice and improve my skills as an illustrator under any excuse!


Wedding e-card for Judith & José

Made with love for my best friend-soul-sister Judith :)

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WIP Children´s book


Media and democracy

Poster for the Forum 2000, this year the theme was Media and democracy, so I cam up with this serie of illustrations where the media replaced the faces of many leaders. This was a vry interesting topic. It took us to a very deep discussion about the real roll of the media in politics, everybody blames the "media" for whatever problem with masses exist, but the media itself is not gulty, this is only the channel. A very powerful one, that only transmits the voices of those who have access to it. In the end, those faces behind the tv are unknown till you turn on the tv, open the newspaper, etc.


My retro life

I have a new hobby.No, not making cartoons in retro exotica style, but dancing swing. So here is Martin, one of the nicest people you can find around the dance floors in Prague, his face very much reminds me to some cartoons like Top Cat, so I decided to honor my new retro style of life making an illustration of him. :)

I have a new one! For my favorite dancing partner Vit. 

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A simple story.

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Film poster

Factor de protección molar 50: